• Location

    Founded by a fashion business management student during her final year of university, during the 2020 pandemic in her home in Manchester, UK - This is where the brand was established & where we still process and ship all orders worldwide.

  • Trustful Brand

    Everything you see on the website & our social media is shot of the real products, from what we have in inventory that gets shipped to the customer, without photoshop or harsh studio lighting, we have also started adding as many videos of the products as possible to give you a better idea of the look & feel of the products - please make sure to watch the videos usually after the last images on the product page, more videos can also be found on our social media such as TikTok & Instagram.

  • Customer Service

    We're a small brand & every customer is highly valued to us, if you have any questions about our products or order, please reach out to us via our contact page - We always try our best to get back to you within 48h hours!

  • Uniqueness for All

    Accessorising is the most underrated art in fashion.
    Ynez Project was born to elevate looks & to make a statement, whatever your taste and aesthetic. We believe that you don't have to stick to only one style & can play around with different aesthetics.

  • Passion

    We're been into unique & beautiful visuals that we first discovered on Tumblr back in the day & have carried on sharing this passion on our Instagram by mixing up our Ynez Project content with Tumblr content, you should take a look and follow us for some daily inspirations.